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Powertrain calibration challenges

Automotive virtual testing

To help you overcome these challenges, we developed dedicated simulation solutions for virtual testing based on modern x-in-the-loop framework. xCAR is the cornerstone of our continuous x-in-the-loop process (see figure below), ranging from the design stages (purely virtual) to road tests (fully real) and introducing, step by step, the right share of virtualization for every stage of the development process. For more information about FEV and our solutions, please click here.

xCAR ensures a continuity throughout the different levels of virtualization.

Benefits at a glance

Expand the capabilities of your standard test bench Frontload calibration tasks under RDE-like conditions Simulate critical driving maneuvers for improved integration Explore different vehicle layouts without real prototypes Assess “virtually” hybridization concepts and architecture Evaluate the adoption of new technologies in early stages Improve synergy between different development programs Reduce time to market Promote ‘right-first-time’ methodology

Optimize your effort

Focus on what matters


A wide scope of

use cases


Non-exhaustive list of use cases
Desktop simulation for concept exploration and components sizing Virtual hybridization of complete vehicle concept on engine test bench Exhaust aftertreatment screening on engine test bench

OBD calibration on engine test bench E-motor performance in different vehicle layout and powertrain architecture on an e-motor test bench Objectified longitudinal drivability calibration on a powertrain test bench And so on, letting your imagination simulate the multiple possibilities


engine in the loop testing


Example from the xCAR Engine-in-the-loop application used to validate transferability and reproducibility between real chassis dyno tests and a virtual chassis dyno tests performed on an engine test bench:

Use case description:
On the Engine-in-the-loop test bench, the virtual and the real world come together to create a collaborative system. xCAR allows these worlds to communicate with each other. It receives the measurements from the test bench via the automation system and transmits the simulated instructions to the bench. For example, in the case of an EiL test bench setup, the automation system sends the engine brake torque measurement signal to xCAR, which then returns the pedal and speed instructions for controlling the engine based on the applied models.


Webinar and videos

Virtual testing and validation in videos

xCAR: your platform for x-in the loop vehicle simulation at the test bench. xCAR offers a single platform for all powertrains’ architectures: thermal, hybrid and electrical. xCAR offers a dedicated application for each type of test cell: Thermal engine, e-motor, powertrain, transmission and battery.

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